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How to make shatter wax at home

What is Shatter?

Shatter is simply “knock of marijuana”. It is a transparent like-cannabis extract that produced
with combination of cannabis plant matter and solvent. It has glassy appearance and tends to
breaks like glass who snapped in two. Properly it comes from attentive and slow manufacturing
process.It is a new illegal drug which is ruin the streets at speed in United State. People have concerned
about its existence on streets and Schools. It’s color is Orange and darker yellow shade like
Corn oil. All shatters may appear to have same consistency but physical texture of individual
marijuana can vary from others.

How to make Shatter:

Firstly, you may know shatter is another name of wax and hash oil. It’s all have same stuff.
Cannabis extraction techniques vary by manufacturers, but they generally fall into two
2.Solventless extraction methods for concentrates.Solvent-based method utilize solvents such as
butane, propane, Carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol to dissolve terpenes from plant matter.Solventless extraction methods can produce
flavorful extracts such as rosin, bubble hash, kief and hash. Making shatter at home can be dangerous process,
but kief substance is easy method.
You need ingredients:
In this method, you only need three ingredients:
Kief Using at least enough to fill a quarter-size piece of parchment paper.
➢Parchment or Wax paper
➢A hair straightener
➢Oven gloves
These are following steps for this method:
• Pour your kief onto parchment or wax paper.
• Fold your paper tightly and Use tape to keep
paper folded.
• With hair straightener heat up for 1-2 minutes.
• Use hair straightener for press down with your
hands. Push hard for 8-10 seconds.
• Remove the paper from hair straightener and
unfold it. Now it is honey colored substance
appear. Shatter is ready to smoke! So fold a
new sheet of paper and again same steps 4 and
5 until all the kief has been used.
• you enjoy your fresh shatter out of dab rig.
Difference between Shatter & Wax:
In simple words wax features are same as shatter,
but they are different in consistency and

I. Shatter is harder than wax because it’s molecules bond more tightly.
II. Shatter will long lasting life of chemical structure while wax will little bit faster.
III. Shatter is more complicated while wax has consistency of thick coconut oil that is easily to manage.
IV. In summer, Shatter and wax are different marijuana concentrates which can help you get stronger.
Side effects of Shatter:
It’s side effects are still not clear. These may have same side effects as cannabis flowers but will be more severe due to amount of terpenes.
The side effects are following:

➢ May weak the Immune system.
➢ High blood pressure.
➢ Potential infections.
➢ Severe attack on eyes.
➢ Affect on mood of the person.
➢ Causing to feel anxious.
➢ Affect on brain, harder to focus.
➢ Weak memory.

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is one variety of isolate and many others. Powder and crystals are very common but they are use for many purposes.
CBD isolate provides some of beneficial effects of terpene that’s why these are rarer
than standard isolate. You can also buy capsules, gummies in isolate form which are common to buy pure isolate
such as shatter or wax.

Is Shatter better?
It is a transparent, stable but can be broken into pieces easily.
It is also stronger when heated or smoked.
It is more stable concentrate and have longer
to break down.

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