Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, an active ingredient that delivers psychedelic properties. Commonly called shrooms, these fungi have a long history of use all over the world for spiritual, religious, and medicinal purposes.

Today, if you buy Magic mushrooms in Canada, they come in a variety of formats. From pure dried mushrooms to infused shroom edibles to perfectly formulated microdoses. Whether you want to take a heroic dose or a daily microdose, Elite Cannabis carries an ideal psilocybin product.

A mushroom trip depends on the dose. Smaller sub-perceptual doses (microdoses) are perfect for inspiring creativity, focus, and calm.
A standard recreational dose is fun, giggly, and colorful, delivering mild to strong hallucinations.
Larger doses, called therapeutic or heroic, are ego-altering and sometimes life-changing emotional roller coasters.

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